We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive for full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, partnering with law enforcement and the nonprofit sector to contribute toward a safer world.

Business Ethics

The culture of trust we work to cultivate among our customers is also upheld internally. Our employees maintain a 100% completion rate of our annual training, which covers our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, data protection, anti-money laundering, sexual harassment prevention, and more. If issues do arise, employees have multiple anonymous and confidential avenues to share concerns or ask questions, including our 24/7 global Integrity Helpline. 

PayPal is committed to promoting responsible technology use across our business. For example, our approach to AI use is guided by our five core Responsible AI principles and our Responsible AI Steering Committee, consisting of cross-functional representatives who oversee AI development, deployment, governance, and monitoring. The Committee provides monthly updates to our Global Entity Management and Oversight leadership team, and periodic updates to our ERM Committee and ARC Committee.

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Risk & Compliance

Safeguarding customer trust and operating in a consistent and ethical manner are vital to achieving our long-term business strategy. We invest in transformative programs to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, human trafficking, and related financial crimes around the world, in partnership with law enforcement and the intelligence community.  

Through our collaborations with organizations, we are working to advance global security protection capabilities for our customers such as:

  • Partnering with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to develop training for customer service agents at peer-to-peer payment platforms that teaches them to identify signs of financial exploitation of older consumers. Since its rollout in November 2023, approximately 10,000 PayPal and Venmo employees have received the training.
  • Continuing to serve as a member of the Federal Trade Commission’s Scams Against Older Adults Advisory Group on the Industry Training Committee. In 2023, we partnered to establish training for financial industry professionals to identify and prevent scams targeting older adults and developed best practices for educating employees about current scams.
  • Partnering with our university collaborators, including Arizona State University, North Carolina State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and CISPA, to publish research papers at IEEE Security and Privacy and ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security on topics such as passwordless authentication, SMS spam, ecommerce scams, and cryptocurrency fraud, helping PayPal protect its customers from sophisticated fraud attacks while championing ecosystem security.

Supply Chain Standards & Supplier Diversity

We're committed to conducting our business with the highest ethical standards. PayPal manages a global supply chain of more than 4,000 vendors, partners, and other third-party organizations.

All third parties and subcontractors are expected to comply with our Third-Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This code documents our expectations related to environmental responsibility, labor, human rights, and more — the same standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. 

Our Supplier Diversity Program provides resources for existing and prospective diverse suppliers to make the most of their engagement with PayPal. This includes everything from assisting in diversity certification, accelerating the onboarding process, and providing ongoing education and support for excelling as a diverse PayPal vendor. 

Learn about our commitment to supplier diversity

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