Building upon our mission to democratize financial services, we work to advance global financial wellness for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits around the world. We do this through the products and services we develop, the investments we make, the collaborations we enter into and the conversations we spark.

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We’re making it faster, safer and more affordable to send money worldwide

PayPal is constantly innovating to bring products to market that democratize financial services. Through our digital remittance product, Xoom, we enable faster and safer remittances, which is particularly important for immigrants and refugees who send money home to loved ones in other countries. Xoom remittances are also more affordable than the global averages. The average cost to send remittances with Xoom continually remains below 3% globally (2.76% in 2020) and 3.7% to Africa, well below the average 8.2% via traditional channels.

We are creating affordable solutions for the financially underserved

We make the management and movement of money more accessible, secure and affordable so that more people have access to economic opportunities. Through strategic alliances with Walmart and Ria and payment solutions like the PayPal Cash Card, we’re making it easier for people to access their money and make payments. We also continue to usher in a new era of speed and convenience in emerging markets by partnering with companies like M-Pesa to facilitate faster and more convenient transactions for underserved consumers.

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We forge partnerships with like-minded organizations to support financial health innovations and thought leadership

Through the Village Capital Finance Forward program, we've supported nearly 90 early-stage businesses building tech-enabled solutions to improve the financial health of over one million individuals and 100,000 small businesses around the world. We have also partnered with organizations such as Prosperity Now, a network of financial health nonprofit organizations across the US, to help us better understand the needs of the financially underserved and improve our products and features. Through these relationships, we explore ways to evolve our products to be more accessible and inclusive, and advance industry conversation to achieve a broader financial health vision.

We’re taking action on societal issues to improve financial health.

As small businesses struggled to navigate the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, PayPal was one of the very first non-bank lenders approved to distribute Paycheck Protection Program loans. In June, we announced a comprehensive $535M commitment to support Black and minority-owned businesses and fight economic inequality. PayPal remains steadfast in deploying our products, services and resources to help our employees, customers and communities in times of need.


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