The PayPal Community Impact program partners with nonprofits to equip entrepreneurs and career seekers with the tools to succeed, meet critical community needs, and protect our environment. We inspire and enable our employees to contribute their time, skills, and resources to support organizations that help further our mission towards an inclusive global economy.

In today's flexible work environment, volunteer activities are another opportunity for our employees to come together, collaborate, and build relationships with each other and the communities we serve. In 2022, PayPal employees dedicated nearly 100,000 hours to volunteering in their local communities. 

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Advancing our collective social impact and powering an inclusive global economy.

Community Impact is an essential part of our culture that advances our mission and engages and empowers our employees.  Our Community Impact program provides employees with opportunities to foster stronger relationships with their communities through volunteering, giving, grantmaking, and other activities.

We're committed to skill-building in our communities.

Our employees are passionate about applying their personal knowledge, interests, and skills to make a positive impact in their communities. In 2022, our employees contributed more than 45,000 hours to skills-based volunteering through pro bono, coaching, and leadership programs designed around a service-learning model. This approach combines learning objectives with volunteerism to give our employees a practical and reflective learning experience while helping them advance economic opportunity and improve financial health in our communities. 

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We’re supporting our local communities.

Through our PayPal Community Impact Grants Program, we’re awarding local nonprofits monetary grants, access to volunteers, pro bono support, and other capacity-building resources.

To ensure we’re bringing diverse perspectives together, we engage our employees in identifying and selecting local nonprofits that create economic opportunity in their community. Our employees also work directly with our program recipients to ensure we’re driving the greatest impact. Nearly 11,000 PayPal employees in more than 20 countries participated in our 2022 selection program and awarded grants of up to more than 70 organizations in communities around the world. 

We're empowering entrepreneurs.

PayPal’s nonprofit partnerships amplify our impact and support hundreds of entrepreneurs globally — providing skills-based support and resources to help historically excluded entrepreneurs start, sustain, and scale their businesses. By working with organizations such as Black Girl Ventures, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and Start Small Think Big, we leverage our unique capabilities, resources, and deep expertise to address global economic inequity.