Prioritizing privacy and data protection

Trust is the foundation of our business. Our ability to keep customers’ data secure is paramount to their confidence in us. We work to embody a data- and privacy-aware culture that prioritizes responsible use of data through transparency, education, enterprise standards, and innovation.

Our Global Privacy Program guides and supports the business based on our Data Management Principles and Privacy by Design practices. This helps to ensure that our Privacy Program is in compliance with the evolving global privacy landscape and regulatory guidance, as well as supports future business growth.

Culture of Privacy
Employing a privacy-first approach

Employing a privacy-first approach

We continue to invest our time and resources into strengthening the security of our products and services to remain one of the world’s most trusted payment platforms.  Our culture reinforces the importance of responsible practices for the ethical use of data, and we value transparency in how we communicate those practices. Fulfilling our commitment to privacy means providing customers with information that clearly describes our privacy practices and offering them meaningful choices to direct how their data is used.  

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Safeguarding customers

We are always looking to innovate in ways that best serve our customers, while also protecting their data. PayPal is at the forefront of many industry initiatives to eliminate traditional passwords, reduce phishing attacks, protect against emerging malware on mobile devices, and otherwise protect consumers and merchants. 

PayPal is actively involved with organizations to support the advancement of the security ecosystem and improve customer protection. In 2023, we launched a free, implementable toolkit, developed in partnership with Accion’s Center for Financial Inclusion, that is now available for fintech companies to embed privacy principles into the design of their financial products and services. 

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