Our PayPal Community Impact program partners with nonprofits to equip entrepreneurs and career seekers with the tools to grow and expand their businesses so they can meet the needs of their communities. Through this program, we are inspiring and enabling our employees to contribute their time, skills, and resources to support organizations that help advance our mission towards revolutionizing global commerce. In 2023, our PayPal employees dedicated more than 118,000 hours to volunteering in their local communities. Our ongoing commitment to making employee impact opportunities more accessible resulted in 67% of PayPal employees mobilizing to support their communities.

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We’re empowering small businesses to thrive.

For more than 25 years, PayPal has been helping small business owners achieve their dreams. In addition to our platform, products and services, PayPal’s nonprofit partnerships amplify our impact and support hundreds of entrepreneurs globally — providing skills-based support and resources to help historically excluded entrepreneurs start, sustain, and scale their businesses. By working with these nonprofit organizations, we leverage our unique capabilities, resources, and deep expertise to address global economic inequity.

Furthermore, PayPal employees contribute their time and skills to coach, mentor, and provide pro bono support to help small business owners grow and digitize. All employees who engaged small businesses as part of our Community Impact program said they gained a deeper understanding of the challenges facing small businesses, and 89% or participants said the program benefitted their personal and professional growth.

We're committed to skill-building in our communities.

We know that employee volunteerism and community impact at PayPal are powerful channels for connecting our employees to their communities. Through our skills-based volunteering, we are empowering our employees to use their knowledge and talent to support causes they are passionate about and to make a positive impact in their communities.

In 2023, our employees contributed nearly 50,000 hours to skills-based volunteering through pro bono, coaching, and leadership programs designed around a service-learning model. 

This approach combines learning objectives with volunteerism to give our employees a practical and reflective learning experience while helping them advance economic opportunity in our communities. 

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We’re enabling our local communities.

Through our PayPal Community Impact Grants Program, we’re awarding local nonprofits monetary grants, access to volunteers, pro bono support, and other capacity-building resources.

To ensure we’re bringing diverse perspectives together, we engage our employees in identifying and selecting local nonprofits that create economic opportunity in their community. Through our Community Impact Grants program, more than 14,000 employees selected 77 PayPal Community Impact grantees, across 22 countries, to further PayPal’s mission in their local markets. In addition to funding, PayPal employees volunteered with these organizations throughout the year.